Here is all the Esport Specific Training gear that I personally own or have tried. You’ll find more information searching the posts under the Athletiks section for how to use this gear with esport specific training. Also, here’s a video demonstrating some of the ways I use this gear:



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Resistance Bands Package
TheraBands Package
IronMind Expand-Your-Hand Bands
Door Anchor
Resistance Loop Exercise Bands
Doorway Pull Up Bar
Doorway Pull Up Bar (budget)
Fat Gripz
Versa Grips
Cobra Grips (budget)
10 lbs. Plate
25 lbs. Plate
Rice Bucket
Ab Roller Wheel
Balance Board
Pull Up / Dip Station
*If you've got the extra cash and space, this station is a great upper body developer and can be used to anchor all the bands

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