Clear vs Yellow Gaming Glasses | What Are The Best Gaming Glasses?

I think, as gamers, we have all probably been in a situation where our eyes have started to hurt. For some, this might be more serious than for others. If you wear gaming glasses you may wonder if they are the best gaming glasses since your eyes hurt.

So, you might be considering getting a pair of gaming glasses but which ones should you go for? Clear or yellow gaming glasses? Let’s find out.

Both pairs of glasses, clear and yellow, will do pretty much the same job. However, yellow glasses are better at blocking out blue light so if you are sensitive to blue light, perhaps you should go for yellow gaming glasses. If you are just trying to protect your eyes, go for clear.

In the rest of this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at both of these options. We are also going to give you a recommendation of our favourite gaming glasses and finally, we are going to take a closer look at what blue light is. So, for everything you need to know, keep reading.

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Do Gaming Glasses Have To Be Yellow?

I think it is important to properly open this article with, what I can assume is your biggest question right now. If you are wondering whether or not gaming glasses or any computer glasses for that matter, have to be yellow, well, we are going to answer that question in this section.

This question has two answers and it all depends on you. Some people are more sensitive to blue light than others and if this is the case for you, then you should definitely wear gaming glasses that have a yellow tint.

If you are not sensitive to blue light then you could go for either the clear glasses or yellow ones.

If you are wondering how you can tell whether or not you are sensitive to blue light, it is pretty simple. I just need you just think for a second about whether or not your eyes get sore when watching gaming, staring at your phone, or TV. If they do then you are sensitive to blue light most probably.

The key is your cell phone, especially if you have a new brand and/or model. If you notice that your eyes get sore after staring at your phone for too long throughout the day, try to turn the “eye care” mode on which will turn off the blue light.

Now try and see if that helps. Remember, all you are trying to do is find out whether or not you are sensitive to blue light. This is a big step in finding the best gaming glasses

Yellow Gaming Glasses Vs Clear Gaming Glasses, Which Is Better?

Ok, so we have reached the meat of this article and it is probably why most of you are here. Let’s take a look at whether or not yellow glasses are better for gaming or clear glasses are. 

Gaming glasses that have a yellow tint might be better for your eyes than clear glasses but as we discussed in the section above, this is mostly if you are sensitive to blue light.

Clear glasses do look more stylish than glasses with a yellow tint unless your definition of style dates back to the and 80s. 

Either way, both pairs of glasses give you a better chance of preventing eye strain while playing games. 

Blue Light Explained

Should You Wear Gaming Glasses?

For me, this is a tough one to answer, and I feel like I should use my own personal experience rather than just giving you straightforward answers. Once I have given you the answer, I will actually talk a little bit about my personal experience.

Let’s take a look at whether or not you should wear computer glasses.

If your eyes are taking strain then you should wear gaming glasses. Whether you wear yellow or clear glasses is entirely up to you. I hate to say this because it might seem very easy to tell anyone this but if you are concerned about your eyes, go see your doctor.

That is the best thing you can do.

For me personally, my eyes have never taken strain when playing games. This to me is weird because they do take some strain if I do not turn on the “eye care” mode on my phone.  So, I personally do not wear gaming glasses. 

What Is The Difference Between Gaming And Computer Glasses?

Gaming classes and computer classes are pretty much the exact same thing. They are built with lenses that are designed to help you prevent eye strain when looking at your monitor. However, there is more to this than just that and that is what we will talk about in this section.

There are a few brands that are dedicated to making computer glasses for gamers, one, in particular, is Gunnar. When it comes to appearance, build quality, and design, gaming glasses are a lot better than glasses that are made for just office use. 

Companies like Gunnar design their glasses in a way that is more suited to gamers than anything else because they understand that as a gamer, you are probably spending more than four hours in front of your computer monitor a day.

So, they build their glasses with comfort, style, and everything else in mind.

Our Best Gaming Glasses Recommendations

If you really do want to protect your eyes while gaming and have decided that you want to buy a pair of gaming glasses we have a few recommendations for you.

First up is a pair of glasses that focus on blocking blue light. These types of gaming glasses are a great way to test out if glasses will make a difference to your gaming or eye strain.

Gaming Glasses

ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

These glasses have a gunmetal ultralight frame that is built for comfort. They block out up to 45% of blue light. On Amazon alone, there are about two dozen options to choose from.

We have already mentioned Gunnar in this article so we’re adding them to the suggested glasses. Their model of glasses has several different options for frames and lenses.

There are also 4 choices of colours and you also have a choice of which lens you want. These lenses include:

  • Amber (yellow)
  • Clear
  • Sun (Sunglasses)

Gaming Glasses

Enigma/Onyx by Gunnar

The Enigma/Onyx has a durable and lightweight frame that is built for comfort. It blocks up to 65% of all blue light. Also, their glasses have been approved by the FDA.

What Is Blue Light?

This could be the most important section of this article. This is because people that are sensitive to blue light can be seriously damaging their eyes while playing games. Understanding what blue light is and why it is so bad can be very helpful. 

The short answer to this question is very simple. Electronic manufacturers, particularly in TVs, monitors, and phones use artificial blue light because of the way it so easily displays on any screen. 

The more technical answer would be: It is a short wavelength and high energy light that scatters across your screen. While doing this, it creates a lot of colour noise.

Why Is Blue Light So Bad?

As we have established, blue light is used because of how easily it can display across your screen but it also does something else. It is hard to explain but I will try my best to put it in the simplest way I possibly can.

Blue light is high energy. It creates a lot of flicker and colour noise. Even though we can’t really see this, it still affects our eyes.


That brings us to the end of this article, and I think it is important to say that your eyes are critical. Choose the best gaming glasses now to minimize future problems. I know, that is pretty obvious. With all of that being said, you do want to actually take precautions and protect your eyes because when you get older, you don’t want to be facing the problem of needing thicker and thicker glasses every year.

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